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Click here for an update based on the booklet in PDF form submitted to the Historic Commission for 257 Central Street on June 16, 2016.
And this "overview" was made at the end of June and revised in July of 216.  The "Summer Newsletter" for 216 gives our "talking points".

There are many definitions of a SCARF; such as a carpentry term, as a piece of clothing,  as a badge of recognition, and a term for an activity. Click Here for a Message we gave back in the 2015 Holiday Season as a png and a pdf of a fold-able Christmas note. Following that is a New Year's wish. We are all about saving historic, old, or neglected buildings and having a group of people assist the future owner/occupant to rehab the house so it can become a "home" again and a vibrant part of the community in which it stands.
We want to rehab houses in the "Not So Big House" method so the home is designed to fit the needs of the future owner/occupant.
Thus we are saving a piece of the cultural history of the community and actively reclaiming the futures of people who have been through "tough times".

The first project we are working on is a home in Springfield, MA for our founder, who has been homeless, and living in subsidized housing
On April 1, 2016 he got a call from the city and apparently a letter dated October 30, 2015 was not sent out, it was only filed.
That letter with some 16 additional requirements was sent by email and it is here as a pdf.
Please note above the link for the pdf similar to what was presented to Historic Commission June 16, 2016.
On June 30th we got a call that an extension has been made to get revised estimates in by August 31st for the 257 Central St. Project
someone seems to have broken in and stole many of the windows, so now that additional cost was added. As always we need to get a private inspector's report.  Or at least a contractors evaluation of what can be done. Architectural plans drawn up and contractors statements given.  It seemed there was always another obstacle to overcome.  We had private funding until the last few minutes of authorization when the costs the city was requiring seemed to bring the rehab to an estimated $97,000 and they backed out.
That was January of 2017 and for 4 months all seemed hopeless.  Then in May the contractor felt we might be able to do the job for less money, if the city made some accommodations.  All that now hinged on a loan and a mortgage and so Mr. Knight entered into many a course via "wayfinders" (what used to be called HAP) which took many months to complete.  The reports and recommendations to seek funding arrived and then a few days later a letter from the city formally revoking the authorization to proceed.
We write all of this to let you know the "ups and downs" of this sort of thing and that Mr. Knight is walking through this like most of our anticipated members and participants would be doing.  So far he has not been successful in getting lawyers and accountants and contractors and planners and such to be a part of this effort.  Without the "key players" of this type "around the table" this whole idea is most probably doomed.  BUT with your help in talking to these people there is still hope for this project to "get off the ground" and soon we can have people who have been dealt a harsh blow in life rehabbing and moving into once abandoned and neglected houses that will once again ring with laughter and love and hope for this city and it's neighborhoods.  This is a model that CAN work, but only with the help of very many people donating their resources and expertise as we make our cities and towns much better places tomorrow than they were yesterday.  YOU can help and become an integral part of making this success story a reality.  Maybe a good word spoken here or there, and a particular person with special expertise in this or that might make this whole thing become not so much a dream but a reality.


The most current need is the funding to purchase the house and land from the city, and then rehab it.
Our plan is to rehab abandoned and neglected homes to get people in them and the homes back on the tax roles,
hence we would be not only helping the future owner/occupant but also the municipality
that needs the home being an active part of the community.
So his "go Fund Me" link is:  gofundme.com/zkwvfk 

Why a scarf?

A scarf can be two pieces of wood joined together, emblematic of the collaboration needed for many individuals and entities to join in helping the eventual owner/occupant to use their "sweat equity" to rehab the house and make it their unique home.

A scarf is also a piece of clothing worn around the neck, or over the head, or across the face to cover skin so it is not exposed to the elements and thus potentially saving the life of the wearer.  The very aspect of people cooperating and collaborating together to help someone be protected from the elements and providing a home for themselves can be also a "life saving" activity.  And in volunteering our time, talents, or treasure to this cause we are investing in the future of the future owner/occupant and the community as a whole.

And a scarf in the military and some diplomatic circles denotes a rank or position.  In helping a person that has had a really traumatic downturn in life, like becoming homeless, we are helping to raise them up to a much higher level or rank in the standings of society.

In the vernacular scarf can mean to eat quickly or to obtain quickly.  In both cases it is the cooperation and collaboration of many that make it possible for the owner/occupant to rehab a house and make it their own special "home" in a short period of time.

We urge you to join us in this work as we do our first and subsequent projects.

Never Look Down on somebody, Unless You Are Helping Them UP image of a boy helping anotherone up
saw the above on facebook
sort of speaks to our premise.
The S.C.A.R.F. emails are:
123scarf@gmail.com  and  scarf@usa.com

For more information about the S.C.A.R.F. project, go to the "home" page, or contact us at the email link above,
or Mr. Knight at the email for him at ceknight.spfd@gmail.com. and ask him about his personal views.
For more information on the concepts of this project by our founder, go to the concepts page through this link.
If you just want to comment or see what we are doing today, our facebook page will help you do that, please "like" us.
We have also established a twitter account for those that like that form of social media.
it is important to learn about the surroundings on might move into as your "home" is much more than your house.
Here is a link for census data training to learn how to access us government census data about your prospective neighborhood.
The tool you might use most is American Fact Finder and that link is here.  This is a perpetual calendar page.


 This is the time.  

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