(Saving Culture, Actively Reclaiming Futures)
does not as yet exist as an authorized entity.

It is the hope and dream of Charles E. Knight and is operated as a
dba (doing business as) entity
while he gathers input from others and, if positive, assembles a
board of directors and files the appropriate paperwork with the city, state and federal governments.

Contact Charlie at
if you would like to know more
or would
like to join the board or contribute to help this concept become a reality.

The first project is obtaining and rehabbing a house so Charlie can live in it and be off subsidized housing.

Especially needed are people with expertise in this field, that of law, social services, financial services, rehab and historical preservation . 

We hope to form a board and do paperwork before the end of December, 2015.

For more information about the S.C.A.R.F. project, go to the "home" page, or contact Mr. Knight at the email link above.
For more information on the concepts of this project by our founder, go to the concepts page through this link.

our email is scarf@usa.com and ceknight.spfd@gmail is our founder's email
we also have a facebook page you can like.



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