Current Projects of S.C.A.R.F.

Green plad scarf   text only for Saving Culture Actively Recalaiming Futures in various fontsred plaid scarf

257 Central Street, Springfield, MA


Our plan is to rehab abandoned and neglected homes to get people in them and the homes back on the tax roles,
hence we would be not only helping the future owner/occupant but also the municipality
that needs the home being a vibrant part of the community again.

Thus we are Saving a piece of the Cultural history of the community and Actively Reclaiming the Futures of people
who have been through "tough times".  And overview of our program is found here and a Summer Newsletter for 2016 is found here.

Our Mission and why the scarf logo follows below

A scarf can be two pieces of wood joined together, emblematic of the collaboration needed for many individuals and entities to join in helping the eventual owner/occupant to use their "sweat equity" to rehab the house and make it their unique home.

 A scarf is also a piece of clothing worn around the neck, or over the head, or across the face to cover skin so it is not exposed to the elements and thus potentially saving the life of the wearer.  The very aspect of people cooperating and collaborating together to hep someone be protected from the elements and providing a home for themselves can be also a "life saving" activity.  And in volunteering our time, talents, or treasure to this cause we are investing in the future of the future owner/occupant and the community as a whole.

 And scarf in the military and some diplomatic circles denotes a rank or position.  In helping a person that has had a really traumatic downturn in life, like becoming homeless, we are helping to raise them up to a much higher level or rank in the standings of society.

 And in the vernacular scarf can mean to eat quickly or to obtain quickly.  In both cases it is the cooperation and collaboration of many that make it possible for the owner/occupant to rehab a house and make it their own special "home" in a short period of time.

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You can contact our founder with any suggestions at

For more information about the S.C.A.R.F. project, go to the "home" page, or contact Mr. Knight at the email link above.
For more information on the concepts of this project by our founder, go to the concepts page through this link.

We urge you to join us in as we do our projects.


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